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Tantric Male Erotic Massage honors you in your entirety.  Heart, soul, mind, emotions, body, spirit and sexuality.  Tantric Massage seeks to unite all, thereby transcending duality and separation.  Ultimately I aim to help you connect with the source of the divine that is within you.  Reconnecting with yourself helps you enormously to connect with others in your life.

With my Sensual Male Massage your sexual energy is awoken and spread around your entire body, causing a full body response, new sensations, a new understanding of the potential for pleasure within you.

Located very conveniently in Central London just two minutes walking from Trafalgar square or Covent Garden Market at Bedford street in a relaxing and comfortable flat. The nearest stations are Charing Cross, Leicester square, Embankment and Covent Garden. Visiting my partner website you can know more about my services at by clicking here

A Tantric Male Massage is a very erotic and sensual Touch, powerfully arousing full body massage. You are naked during the experience, and your whole body is pleasured in a very skilful and sensitive way. This can result in an awakening of your sexual sensual potential, and can lead to profound realizations, emotional release, spiritual/sexual awakening, heart/genital connection, and a deeper understanding of the power of sexual energy to heal, transform and enlighten.

This male erotic massage works with your sexual energy. The Tantric Massage experience is really the art of relaxation during arousal, and this is what opens up new and extraordinary possibilities within your own body. Your energy is aroused at the beginning, in a very relaxed and natural way, and during the massage, you can expect your genital and erogenous zones to be honored in a very calming, fulfilling, loving and sensitive fashion, taking the energy you generate in your genitals, and moving it around your whole body, connecting everything. A deep state of peace, bliss, surrender, security and relaxation, this feeling can last for days.


You may experience in this Gay Massage London:

- Extended orgasmic states, orgasmic sensations in different parts of your body.

- A feeling that your body, head, heart and genitals are more integrated than previously; a sense of being better connected and more in your heart.

- Profound realizations

- Strong emotions

- Forgotten memories

- Altered states of consciousness­­­­


Some people experience all of the above in one tantric male erotic massage session, and it’s not uncommon for that to happen in a first session.  Others may become aware of feeling blocked, or resistant to pleasure.

The male tantric massage session is genuinely loving, nourishing and caring, and the practitioner is totally present with you during the experience.

During a tantric erotic massage for men can learn how to orgasm without ejaculating, a very powerful experience!

A tantric massage experience is always healing!

Gifted at intuiting, arousing and spreading your sexual energy around your body, you will experience a state of pleasure and relaxation so profound it could change the way you view sexuality and sexual energy for all time.  It is not an overwhelming experience.  If you simply need a loving, thoughtful, intimate sensual connection, this is the service for you, as I will meet you where you are at, and then take you further than you’ve ever been before.  

A Tantric Massage is recommended if you want to:

- Be touched in a way you have never been touched before

- Surrender to you deepest capacity for pleasure

 - Relax!  This is the ultimate escape from the pressures of daily life.

Explore in this Man to Man Massage the potential of conscious, erotic touch, relaxation, breath and imagination to awaken energy channels and move energy around the body, resulting in full body arousal and extended orgasmic states

Learn how to last longer/ejaculation choice

Experience intimacy and connection and feel loved and nourished by a sensual encounter at Central London, Covent Garden.

Reconnect with your heart and body, reconnect the genitals with the heart, reconnect your sexuality with your spirituality, become more integrated, head, body, soul, emotions, spirit and sexuality

A tantric massage is the ultimate experience of relaxation and pleasure. My voice is soothing, my intuition is strong, my touch is sublime, and the wisdom and experience I bring to my work is multi-faceted and vast. My Erotic Tantra Massage is not simply another kind of massage, it is a real artwork. Our bioenergy (the sexuality) will be awakened in a respectful and heedful manner and will be extended throughout the entire body.

This erotic massage in central London is the perfect release for any man – gay, straight or bisexual as well as whatever relationship status, single or married, old or young – all men will love the feeling they get from tantric massage.

The sexual energy is awakened and transported to every cell. This will cause a harmonizing and balancing of the body´s energy to take place. You will leave the massage both, deeply relaxed as well as invigorated and strengthened. This effect can continue for days, or even weeks.

Potentially, it can be a very powerful and life changing experience.   Our capacity to experience bliss and pleasure is limitless.  The more we connect with our breath, our body, and our sexual energy, the more expansive, successful, playful and powerful, not only our sex lives, but our daily lives become.

My tantric massage is a beautiful erotic orgasmic massage that helps you to reconnect with your body, mind and soul! It will help you discover new feelings you thought were lost or were hidden deep inside you. 

This erotic gay massage is performed on the entire body, from head to foot, stimulating all the chakras of the body awakening the Kundalini energy. My clients leave their sessions relaxed, happy, expansive, aware and educated a full body massage where the whole body is massaged deeply, touching and wrapping it

Through the Art of touch I will help you release all your innerbitions and fears so you may experience the full effects of this amazing massage. Between my erotic touches all over your body, the erotic music, candles and warm oil, you will completely forget the outside world and lose yourself in my hands! 

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